The Journey Quest is coming

2008-10-06 00:58:17 by glorybe

you have been warned.......possibly cursed.

The Journey Quest is coming


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2008-11-10 13:49:53

dont worry quality wwas fine nothing wrong.
it was pretty good got a laugh out of me.
haha healing herbs being weed nice job there.
keep up the great work.


2008-11-20 14:49:12

You sir are a legend. The Legend of Glorybe. I noticed there's a link to your site here, I will go there when the time is right... How long do you think the new episode will be in production for?

glorybe responds:

Thanks Boogley!

I just finished writing the full episode last week actually and the script itself is in a few writing contests. If I win the episode will be made faster then I can do it.

If it doesnt win, my track record for new content seems to be a year on the day. But hopefully I can make it happen in half that time. Glad you liked both the shows.

Well done on your animation, front page and everything! Nice work dude